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/Candy coated skepticism in times when nothing is certain.../

Our everyday life is driven by pleasure. The joy in the simple tasks like dressing to go out or eating dinner. A distorted culture of joy and pleasure is continuosly feeding itself with the most basic things which in fact are necessities, yet most of them drive away towards satisfaction. Food and fashion are closely related, -both in fact- are objects of necessity. However, both are tied more closely to being objects of fulfi llment and amusement. At the extend that is obvious that we all tend to abuse of them in a way that the line between need and crave becomes blurred; consequently, excessiveness and need makes us abuse of the simple, abuse of the basic; because is there, is cheap or is just appealing.

In fact, a single visit to the supermarket is the perfect example to understand how this works, we buy everyday tonnes of products. They are beautifully presented, packed and served to us in order to sell us an experience. But to which extend is this experience real? When

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